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Ways To Support Me 

Hey Everyone; one of the things that link tree doesn't help with is letting me suggest sites or link to places that I can't just show a Wishlist from so here are some places I like to shop at or that I get things from that I would also be helpful to myself and Ghost. 

Where We Shop

Ghost gets his dog food from Essential Foods GB which is a top rated dog food from AADF. If you're considering helping with his food; let me know! I can give you info on how to order for us as there is no gift card option.

I know Waitrose is a pricy grocery store but it is the one closest to our new flat! It's also got a TON of gluten free options for me so I love going. A gift card here is never a bad choice.

One of the weird side effects I've found from my joints deteriorating is that sometimes compression feels REALLY good and yoga pants can often times ease some of the sore feeling I have throughout the day with gentle pressure.  You can send a virtual gift card from this page! 

I love going to Ikea for everything from some 'as is' finds to update my flat all the way to delicious snacks in the food hall. A gift card here is always helpful.

Tower Farm is where I ride horses and I am on track to be cleared to ride this fall so gift vouchers for private lessons or even a voucher to cover part of a lesson would be amazing as I'm not clear for group yet. 

We do tons of business with Pets at Home because it's where we get a lot of snacks, toys, and also take Ghost to be groomed; I'm not sure there's a gift card option but reach out if you are looking for options on how to shop for us here! 

Additional Details

Each of these websites helps us in different ways and by no means should you feel obligated to donate or give anything!! If you are thinking of helping out please don't hesitate to contact me on twitter (@ocaptmycapt) to get my mailing address or find out what we might be in need of at any of these locations.

Ghost goes through about 12kg of food every 1.5 months (give or take) and gets groomed roughly every 6 - 8 weeks depending on how much he's been outdoors and what weather conditions are like. 

I try not to buy clothes AS often but if I've had an injury or I've lost/gained weight I do sometimes have to get new clothes to accommodate. 

For horseback riding - I used to go 1-2x a week but in the future I've been advised to consider a once a week to a once every other week schedule owing to my condition and disease. Our future goals for riding are paradressage with a hope to work myself up to a slow walking hack; and a de-emphasis on jumping and endurance rides. 

I hope this helps and thank you for anything you decide to help with or donate. 

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