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Assisting the Assisters

Updated: May 23, 2022

For UKSFN 2022 I will be joining the amazing team from BSA to give a session on assistance dogs and how to make science festivals more welcoming for those with service animals/assistance animals. I have a quick 15 minute slot to help everyone decompress where I am going to be mostly giving my camera time to my furry sidekick while I chat over him and talk about some best practices for festivals. If you are a service dog handler and have some tips, please share them with me on twitter @ocaptmycapt so that I can also feed these back to the team. Whatever I do share out I'll be posting back here afterwards so that we can all share resources. If you're a science festival who has not already signed up - you can do so here:

I can't wait to see some familiar (and new!) faces at the conference - it's become one of my favourite meetings in the calendar.

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