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Life Updates

It's been awhile since I've done much housekeeping around here so I thought I would take a minute to clean up my website and put some updates in.

Firstly, I transferred degree programs! It was a joint decision between myself and my advisors within the school of STIS that in order to get the most out of my degree and to have the best chance of future publications and a continuing career that deeper specialisation into my subject was the best choice. Therefore I made the choice to transfer into Science Communication and Public Engagement. This isn't my first foray into this subject area. As some of you may know from 2016-2019 I was taking part in this degree online at UoE with Dr. Elizabeth Stevenson so to be back under advisorship is really a treat.

I've been working hard to try and keep myself on a tight deadline for graduation and to try to take all the data and work that I've done so far in STIS and find out how to apply this to my current and future work in SciComm. The good news is that much of the research that I had done with my PhD doesn't need to change, but the framing of it is still something that needs work. So if you need me between now and the new year - that's where I'll be: face down in my edits.

Further to this I'll be working on writing up some early data analysis from my first couple of field research sites to festivals and festival events in 2023 where I took auto-ethnographic notes on experiences at festivals within the UK. I have some rich information that I've collected and I'm looking forward to delving into what it is I've pulled together and how that looks comparatively.

Lastly, I have a fresh (downloadable) new updated CV ... sort of! I'm putting that here for everyone to see or for any future researcher and collaborators to have access to. I'm always looking for fresh new opportunities within the sector and for other partners in this wild landscape.

Well, lets hope it's not quite as many months until my next update.


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